Student groups

In addition to building lasting friendships, student groups provide opportunities for academic involvement, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding and community service. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

Student organizations

With over 1,000 student organizations, Ohio State provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved.

Our students are excellent brand ambassadors. Follow the rules below to determine the best way for your student organization to utilize the brand.

Start by answering these questions to help categorize your student organization:

  1. Is your group’s official status listed as active? Search the student organization directory to find out.
  2. Does the student organization have a faculty/staff advisor whose official job duties include supporting the group?
  3. Does your organization receive regular, annual funding from the university for a specific set of activities (e.g. major events, outreach or community service projects)?

University-affiliated organizations

Groups that can answer “yes” to all three questions above are most likely university-affiliated organizations.

University-affiliated organizations are permitted to use the university logo or an affiliated college or office secondary signature. The organization’s name should be represented away from the logo and should not include a Block O. These organizations can use the university visual system and secondary art to create a signature look.

Examples include Student-Alumni Council and Ohio Union Activities Board.

All merchandise and apparel requests should be submitted for approval to the Office of Trademark and Licensing and university brand at

​Active student organizations

These groups have active status, but can not answer “yes” to questions two and three above.

Active student organizations can use “at Ohio State®” or "at The Ohio State University®" as part of their name but are not permitted to use the university’s logo, secondary signatures or the block O. Other parts of the visual brand system, including fonts and secondary art are appropriate for use by active student orgs. 

Examples include  The American Red Cross Club at The Ohio State University® and PinkOut at Ohio State®.

Remember, all merchandise and apparel requests should be submitted for approval to the Office of Trademark and Licensing and university brand at

​Inactive student organizations

Groups that do not have an active status at the university cannot use “Ohio State®” or "The Ohio State University®" as part of their name. Use of any logo or any part of the university's visual system is also not permitted. Learn more about student org registration here.  

There are some groups that cannot answer the questions above and do not fit neatly under one of the categories mentioned. These student organizations’ needs will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Think your org might be an exception? Ask  Student Life and the brand team

Sport clubs

Ohio State offers more than 50 sport clubs that give students the opportunity to compete in a variety of activities locally, regionally and nationally. Our sport club program creates a unique environment that enhances and promotes the element of good sportsmanship, the development of leadership skills and the well-being derived from physical activity.

Each sport club must achieve these minimum requirements for recognition and benefits as an official sport club:

  • Must be an officially recognized Sport Club through Student Life’s Recreational Sports department
  • Have a representative from the club attend annual President’s, Treasurer’s and Advisor Trainings
  • Have a minimum of 15 active members

Sport clubs logos

The logo

Registered Ohio State sport clubs are granted the privilege of using our iconic Block O (with registration mark) and a club name set in the university's san-serif font, Proxima Nova. To accommodate a range of uses, the logos are provided in both a horizontal and vertical orientation.

The wordmark

The wordmark combines the sport club name with the descriptive text "AT THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY" (with registration mark). The wordmark may not be replicated through typesetting.

To obtain your club's logo files contact Student Life

Sport club logo basics

Clear space

“Clear space” is the protected area around the logo. The minimum required amount of clear space for the logo is defined by the width of the Block O. This space must be kept free of all other graphics and text, including other logos. 

The minimum clear space for the wordmark is defined as twice the height of the "B" in "club."

Approved supporting art may be used as, but should always be clearly separated from the logo.

Minimum size

The Block O should not appear smaller than 0.375 inches tall in print. The minimum size of the Block O on screen is 32 pixels tall, but 50 pixels tall is preferred if possible. The proportions of the Block O in relation to the club name should not be changed. The wordmark should not appear smaller than 0.185 inches tall in print. The minimum size on screen is 25 pixels tall.

Sport club art elements

A series of secondary graphics has been developed to broaden options when creating visual communications for sport clubs. These icons may be combined and presented in colors from both our primary and secondary palettes.

Not sure if your ideas are in line with brand guidelines? Email Student Life for an art review, samples, or advice.

Sport club apparel and merchandise

When producing apparel, merchandise and promotional items, keep the following in mind:

Student groups' resources

  • Buckeye art elements
  • Sport club art elements
  • Sport club request form
  • Student organizations' request form
Extended color palette