Social Media

Social media is a powerful and important medium to communicate with your audience. Make the most of the medium and your message by leveraging the power of the university brand in all you share.

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Sharable social media graphics

Some of the most popular and sharable content on Ohio State's social media properties is visual. Photos and illustrations remind our students, alumni and friends why they're proud to be Buckeyes for life. To that end, we've developed standards and common practices around sharable social graphics. Use the provided templates and customize to fit your needs.

  • Always include a logo or your secondary signature
  • Observe unit identification rules
  • Use photos, secondary art, color, patterns and typography to tell a quick story
  • Use 9x9 for Instagram and 16x9 for Twitter and Facebook
  • Include a hashtag, web address or a way to find out more


Special usage of the Block O is permitted for social media avatars, which present extreme size restrictions. To avoid our friends' and followers' social media streams becoming an endless line of scarlet Block Os, however, a series of avatar templates is available to give your online presence a unique look while retaining a university connection. These avatars can be used by any group related to Ohio State.

The templates include masks to create the circular and rounded borders, but as each service formats images differently, it may be best to use them as placement guides. Disable the mask to save the avatars as square images, and let the service crop the image as needed.

The scarlet Block O avatar is reserved for the university’s main social accounts. For others, there are several options:

  • A black or white Block O. Keep in mind when using this option that your account name or profile page should include the Ohio State name prominently to avoid confusion with other organizations that may use an "O" as an identifier.
  • The Ohio State bug, which is a tiny graphic that lies atop the avatar image. This allows the use of a photo or graphic that characterizes the personality and purpose of the entity behind the account. If the account represents a person, it is widely considered best practice to use his or her photo for the avatar. If it does not represent a person, the account name or profile page should include the Ohio State name prominently.

Profile banner images

The photo gallery provides many impressive options for keeping your header image fresh. Looking for something specific? Contact university photo services.

Social media icons

Need social media icons to use on your website? Visit the digital elements page.

Social media resources

Extended color palette