Boost online donations

Often, the most effective online fundraising occurs when units make giving a visible presence on their web properties. Thoughtful, prominent placement of giving elements throughout college and unit sites calls attention to opportunities for alumni and friends to support their favorite areas of the university.

Some tips:

Get specific—Link the button not only to the college/unit level (example: but also to the specific funds that align with your unit's giving strategy (example:

Spread knowledge—Much information regarding giving exists on Feel free to link to pages within this site that your donors may find useful, such as Matching Gifts, Gift Planning, Ways to Give, and Types of Gifts.

Customize—Generate a link to a specific fund by changing the last eight digits in the URL Embed this in buttons or text on your site to take donors directly to a single fund. Examples:,

Make it pop

Use visually prominent callouts to focus the audience's attention on a specific giving opportunity or fund related to the content on the page.

Giving strategy and marketing tools
To discuss giving strategy and marketing tools, including appeal codes for gift tracking, vanity URLs (i.e. or splash pages (example:, contact Megan Murphy, Annual Giving, at or 292-0989.

Giving content and projects
To share philanthropy news and ideas for content for or other university web properties, or to initiate a digital project related to giving at Ohio State, contact Jessica Reed, Interactive Communications, at or 688-8242.

Giving graphics

Include a visually prominent "Give" button in your top-level navigation, and include distinct giving icons and buttons throughout your page. Several versions have been created for your use.

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Giving resources

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