Email signature usage

After filling out the form and clicking "Generate signature", you will see two versions—one with an Ohio State logo and one without. Choose which version you like better to use as your signature. Proofread the signature to make sure all information is correct.

For users of Entourage on Mac: HTML images are not supported, so it is recommended to use the non-logo version to prevent the logo from being sent as an attachment ( more info).

Copy the new signature

First, highlight the entire signature—it may be easiest to start at the end—and copy it by pressing Ctrl-C on PC or Cmd-C on a Mac. Then, follow the instructions below based on what platform/application you are using.

Instructions for: Outlook for PC / Outlook for Mac / Mac Mail / Entourage for Mac

Paste into Outlook for PC

  • In Outlook, click "New Email."
  • In your new email, click “Signature” in the toolbar. From the drop down menu, select “Signatures…”
  • If you are creating a new signature, click the "New" button. If you are editing an existing signature, select it from the menu.
  • Paste your new signature in the window by pressing Ctrl-V.
  • Review your signature for errors. Do not modify the signature or resize the logo once you’ve pasted it. If you need to make a correction, return to the Email Signature Tool to create a new one.
  • Click “OK” to save.
  • Add your signature to an e-mail by clicking the "Signatures" button and selecting it from the menu.

Paste into Outlook for Mac

  • Click "Outlook" in the top menu, and choose "Preferences."
  • Click the "Signatures" button.
  • Paste the signature in the right side field by right-clicking and choosing "Paste" or pressing Cmd-V.

Paste into Mac Mail

  • Click "Mail" in the top menu and choose "Preferences."
  • Click the "Signatures" tab, then choose your mail account in the left column.
  • Add a new signature or edit an existing one in the middle pane.
  • Paste the generated signature in the right side. It will save automatically. It is normal for the image to appear broken in this window.
  • If you want to specify this signature as a the default, select it from the menu at the bottom of the window.

Paste into Entourage for Mac

Entourage isn't able to use HTML signatures. It will retain text formatting (bold, colors, etc.) but will not be able to use images or hyperlinks.

We recommend using the non-logo version of the signature if using Entourage. It is possible to add the logo image, but it will show as an attachment (not recommended). Also, hyperlinks will need to contain "http://" to be clickable by the user.

The process for adding a signature to Entourage is outlined is this video: