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Email is our most common form of day-to-day communication and therefore one of the most visible ways we communicate with our audiences and each other. Clear, consistent email identification strengthens the Ohio State brand.

It is not necessary to use the full email signature on every email you send. It should be included when representing yourself as part of the university, but it isn't necessary for day-to-day emails between coworkers.

Additions such as inspirational quotes and graphics are not permitted.

College or department promotional messages must be approved by unit leadership and the brand department. These promotional messages must be submitted with proposed text and/or graphic representation and a plan for distribution and expiration of the promotion. Each addition must meet visual and editorial brand guidelines and have a hard expiration date before being considered. No ongoing additions will be considered.

University-wide campaign may be added to email signatures and are available below. Campaign elements should be removed at the close of each respective campaign. Only one campaign should appear in an email signature. We encourage you to create different email signatures to support the topic of your communication.


Use the form below to enter your information. Click "Generate signature" and then follow the instructions to add the signature to your email program.

Some fields contain examples of recommended formatting (e.g., 614-292-1234 for phone numbers, 100 Bricker Hall for Room/Building) but these are placeholder examples only—information will appear as it is entered. If no information is entered in a field, it will not appear in the generated signature.

Personal Information

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123 College Rd.
5 digit or 5+4 format is acceptable

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Dashes only, ex: 614-292-1234
Dashes only, ex: 614-292-1234
Dashes only, ex: 614-292-1234

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Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

Option Sesquicentennial celebration

The Ohio State University Sesquicentennial: Celebrating 150 years of Buckeyes past, present and future

First generation at Ohio State

first gen Ohio State


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