• Elements

    Logo basics

    By adhering to a standardized use of our logo, we reinforce the image of Ohio State as a cohesive, powerful entity and amplify the impact of our visual communications.

    Editorial Style

    Our 'One university' vision requires one copy style to convey our key messages most effectively.


    The primary, secondary and extended color palettes.


    Typography and typeface standards.

    Buckeye art

    Buckeye leaves, Buckeye nut, Ohio silhouette and other graphics.

    Buckeye Patterns

    Graphic resources for repeatable patterns.


    Guidelines and resources for high-impact photography.

    Digital elements

    The building blocks of Ohio State's presence on the web and other digital properties.


    Recommended practices and resources for online fundraising.

  • Applications

    Social Media

    Make the most of social media by leveraging the power of the university brand in all you share.

    Web and mobile

    Applying the brand to online applications, like web sites and mobile applications.


    Digital templates and how to order official stationery.


    Recommendations for branding Powerpoint, Prezi and research presentations.

    TV and Video

    Creating high-quality branded videos for TV and the web.

    Email signature

    Standardized email signature and signature generator.


    Guidelines for promotional materials and merchandise.


    Our vehicles represent a valuable opportunity to amplify the impact of our brand.

  • Resources


    Download brand assets, resources and templates.


    Examples of the best implementation of the visual identity.‚Äč


    Answers for general questions and links to contact the Brand Team.


    Search for anything in the brand guidelines.